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Callouts and Thousands Spent on Fault Repairs


Fire Alarm System Issues


The fire panel had been been in fault for as long as the customer could remember when we took over the service contract on the 22 story hotel in London. The faults were leaving whole floors with no detection (Automatic or Manual). The previous contractors were at a loss and had been going to the site for 2 years trying to solve the problems.

Reason for Faults:

We suggested to the customer after 1 hour on site that the problem was the junction box above the panel.

This had been installed because the original system had to be adapted to work when the panel was upgraded. 48 interfaces were used (1 for each original zone).

As each zone was replaced with compatible detection, and added directly to the panel, another set of connectors was used. All the connectors left weak and loose connections which were causing all the open circuit and missing device faults that had been coming and going on the panel. As we moved cables to identify them, (No cable markings in site) they were falling out of the connectors.




All connections were to be removed so that all cables could be properly identified and terminated in a way that could easily be seen and understood. See before and after pics to understand the problems.

Time Scale:

From walking on site to fault find to leaving with all works complete took only 2 days. The customer is now very happy at the fact he has a fault free system. Following the 1st service he was issued with a full system status report showing all findings for the installation.