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Fire Safety Tips for Business

15.02.13 - Fire Safety Tips for Business

Fire Safety Director

Choose an employee to be the fire safety director for your organization. Depending on the size of your business, you should also appoint an alternate fire safety director to who is equally trained in the absence of the primary fire safety director. This employee should review, master and revise fire safety plans. The fire safety director should also coordinate fire drills and schedule fire safety and training presentations for other employees.


Fire Extinguishers

Every business must have portable fire extinguishers. Employees should be able to readily locate the extinguishers. They must be easily accessible and fully charged at all times and should never leave their designated location, except in the event of a fire. No employee should have to travel more than 10m to 30m to access an extinguisher. Fire extinguishers must also be regularly inspected by a qualified business such as SRC Fire. Read more about or Fire Extinguisher & Maintenance Service


Evacuation Plans

Evacuation plans will vary depending on the type of business and how many people will need to be evacuated. Evacuation routes should include escape routes and alternate escape routes for every room.

Evacuation plans should also indicate which employees are responsible for carrying out particular duties and a planned procedure for reporting a fire to the Local Fire Station. Employees should also be aware of the procedures for accounting for all present employees.

The floor plan should include the following information: exits, where to assemble, primary and alternate evacuation routes, where to take cover, location of fire alarms and extinguishers, and the location of the fire alarm controls. SRC install and maintain Fire Alarm Systems that you can rely on when you most need them. Read more about our Fire Alarm Systems


Fire Drills

SRC Fire recommend holding regular fire drills, both announced and unannounced. Encourage all building occupants to participate and maintain records of the drills. By doing this, all employees will be consistently refreshed on the fire drill procedure.

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